Empowering Women to Improve Health

We improve women’s health by strengthening access to high-quality reproductive health services, empowering women to make informed decisions about their health, and supporting advocacy and community-building efforts that contribute to health and wellness.

Ensuring Access to High-Quality Reproductive Health Services

Empowered women must have easy and ready access to high-quality reproductive health services to get the care they need.  We are committed to ensuring that all women in New York City have access to, and that all reproductive health care providers are equipped to provide excellent care. Public Health Solutions ensures access to high-quality reproductive health services by:

  • Operating two MIC Women’s Health Service centers in Brooklyn that provide family planning, gynecological, and prenatal care to women, accepting most public health insurance and offering a sliding-fee scale.
  • Distributing Federal Title X Family Planning funds to a variety of health centers throughout New York City and monitoring their performance.
  • Partnering with Federally Qualified Health Centers to incorporate family planning best practices into their primary care services.

Informing Women About Their Options

Women who have accurate, accessible, and timely information about their health and health care options are empowered to make the best health decisions for themselves and their families. We are committed to ensuring that all women are aware of all family planning and contraceptive options available. Public Health Solutions has empowered women by:

  • Creating and distributing WhichMethod, an evidence-based web application that helps women identify the most effective form of birth control for their health and lifestyle.
  • Convening the New York City LARC Taskforce to increase access to and use of contraceptive methods, including the IUD among women in NYC.
  • Producing Get It & Forget It, a video available in both English and Spanish that educates young women about IUDs.

Local health organizations and advocates must work together to serve the women in their communities. We are committed to ensuring that there is “no wrong door” to access available services by bringing together community organizations that serve women and advocating for programs that make women’s health a priority. Public Health Solutions supports advocacy and community-building for women’s health by:

  • Developing networks of community organizations through the Co-Madres Maternal and Infant Child Health Collaborative to improve health outcomes for high-need, low-income women in Queens.
  • Convening reproductive health stakeholders to share best practices with the goal of increasing long-acting reversible contraceptive use and thereby reducing unintended pregnancies in New York City.
  • Supporting family planning quality improvement at primary care centers in New York City to increase the availability of care and the uptake of contraceptive services.