PHS Commemorates World AIDS Day With AIDS Warrior Dr. Demetre Daskalakis

Public Health Solutions’ CAMS Division commemorated World AIDS Day with an event titled “Access Equity Rights Now,” which featured a presentation from Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, the “AIDS Warrior” and Assistant Commissioner of the HIV/AIDS Bureau of Prevention and Control.

During his presentation, Dr. Daskalakis shared the progress of New York City’s efforts to End the Epidemic, and identified challenges that the Department of Health and its partners are working to solve. 

In NYC, the strategy behind ending the HIV epidemic is focused on increasing access to HIV prevention services, promoting innovative and optimal treatments for HIV, enhancing methods for tracing transmission of HIV, and improving sexual health equality for all New Yorkers. 

Public Health Solutions’ CAMS Division plays an important part in this stragegy, administering programs that drive the work End the Epidemic is doing. The doctor stressed the importance of the relationship between the organizations. “PHS has been an important part of our relationships with all of our external contractors. From coordination of the external-to-DOHMH launch of PrEP, support of testing, and viral load suppression programs old and new, Public Health Solutions is central to New York City's EtE plans. Their contract execution and support gives life to the vision.”

Dr. Daskalakis also announced plans to work with contracted organizations to implement a viral load suppression model for HIV positive people. 
The event also acknowledged CAMS contractors who work as peer counserlors for other HIV positive New Yorkers, and a moment of silence for those who have been lost to the disease.