WIC Vendor Management

WIC Vendor Management

Leadership: Sabrina Baronberg, Senior Director, Food and Nutrition Programs; Rudy Sicari, Director, WIC Vendor Management

Who We Serve: Supermarkets, corner stores and pharmacies that sell WIC-approved foods 

Area Served: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Orange County and Rockland County

Contact Us: 646-619-6400

As one of two WIC Vendor Management Agencies in New York City, Public Health Solutions works with over 2000 grocery stores and pharmacies contracted on behalf of the NYS Health Department, to ensure that food and infant formula that is purchased with WIC Program checks are appropriately stocked and fairly priced. 

As a part of this service, Public Health Solutions provides training to vendors every 18 months, along with yearly site inspections, to ensure they are following the correct guidelines and procedures. The training sessions include vendor contract terms, check handling procedures, acceptable and authorized foods, reimbursement requests, complaints, potential penalites and sanctions for program abuse and violations. 

The site inspections ensure in-store compliance with WIC guidelines, with an emphasis on the variety and quantity of WIC-accepted foods in stock, shelf prices, cashier handling of WIC checks, sanitation, food instruments available, and adherence to WIC program requirements.