MIC-Women's Health Services

MIC-Women's Health Services

Leadership: Sandra Williams, Senior Director, MIC Women's Health Services; Dr. Judith Weinstock, Medical Director; Henna Isaza, Center Director

Who We Serve: Women, men, and teens in need of family planning, reproductive health, and prenatal care 

Area Served: Centers in Brooklyn serve the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island

Contact Us:

Fort Greene: 718-522-1144

Eastern Parkway: 718-498-1001 (Eastern Parkway)

For More Information: http://healthsolutions.org/mic/

As an Article 28-licensed Title X provider, Public Health Solutions' MIC - Women's Health Service Centers have been providing comprehensive family planning and prenatal care to New York City’s most medically underserved neighborhoods for over 50 years, serving nearly 4,000 patients and providing over 10,000 annual visits through its two sites in Brooklyn. 

MIC's mission is to provide health care services that are comprehensive, continuous, confidential, and patient-centered; and provides patients and clients with key services without regard to gender, age, income or immigration status.  MIC has achieved National Commission on Quality Assurance (NCQA) Level Two Patient Centered Specialty Practice Recognition, which recognizes practices that demonstrate patient-centered and high-quality care.