Helping Families Thrive

We help families thrive by connecting them to essential benefits and services, supporting childhood development from the earliest ages, and creating healthy environments for all.

Connecting Families to Essential Services

Families thrive when they have access to and are able to take advantage of the resources around them and the benefits to which they are entitled. We are committed to ensuring that every eligible family in New York City is aware of and connected to the many health, social service, education, culture, and recreation programs available to them. Public Health Solutions connects families to these services by:

  • Enrolling children and their families in health insurance plans to enable them to seek regular health care and help cover their health care costs.
  • Collaborating with other organizations and service providers to promote community strength and resiliency by connecting families and communities in need to services.
  • Identifying and enrolling eligible families in SNAP (aka Food Stamps) and other benefit programs to help reduce hunger and poverty.

Helping Young Families

Healthy babies need healthy mothers and families. We are committed to strengthening families by providing information, support and resources to parents and caregivers to help them raise healthy children. Public Health Solutions supports young families by:

  • Providing at-risk mothers with home visitors to help build strong parenting skills, help children reach their developmental milestones, and to assist parents in reaching their own goals.
  • Promoting safe sleep practices that can help prevent SIDS and other sleep-related infant injuries and deaths.
  • Facilitating evaluations and coordinating services on behalf of families with young children who are suspected to have or have been diagnosed with developmental delays impacting their ability to crawl, walk, communicate, play, and learn.

Healthy environments support and sustain healthy families. We are committed to ensuring that no matter their zip code, all New Yorkers have an equal opportunity to live an active and healthy life. Public Health Solutions builds healthier environments by:

  • Collaborating with community organizations to provide education, outreach, and advocacy designed to reduce violence, food insecurity, and lack of access to quality health care and improve family well-being.
  • Working with community partners to eliminate local tobacco advertising aimed at minors and move towards a tobacco-free generation.
  • Partnering with landlords and tenants to develop voluntary smoke-free housing policies that protect families from the dangers of secondhand smoke.