Building Public Health Infrastructure

We build public health infrastructure by supporting the growth, development, and administrative capacity of community organizations, helping government agencies to be more efficient and effective, and providing expertise to nonprofits and government.

Supporting the Growth and Development of Nonprofit Organizations

Some nonprofit organizations lack the full administrative, fiscal, and/or grant management capacity needed to achieve their mission. We are committed to providing nonprofit organizations with key organizational and support services.  Public Health Solutions supports the growth and development of nonprofit organizations by:

  • Providing office space and administrative support to community organizations and human services projects in our central New York City office.
  • Offering grants management, human resources, purchasing, contracting, payroll, and accounting support to organizations in need.
  • Serving as fiscal agent and strategic partner to small community organizations and projects without 501(c)3 status as they build their capacity. 

Helping Government To Be More Effective

Public Health Solutions has a long history of partnering with government agencies to provide fiscal, administrative, and contract management services in support of their direct service work. We are committed to partnering with government agencies to manage their funding, contracts, and other administrative tasks. Public Health Solutions increases government agency effectiveness by:

  • Providing a full range of dedicated fiscal and administrative management services to local, state, and federal government agency clients, allowing them to focus on their programmatic work.
  • Serving as master contractor for the City of New York for Ryan White Funds and other health and human services funding.
  • Ensuring that sub-contractors of government funding manage funds and deliver services as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Many nonprofit organizations and government agencies need specialized services outside of their areas of expertise. We are committed to bringing our 50 years of experience in research, evaluation, and program service delivery to those who need it. Public Health Solutions provides its expertise to nonprofits and government agencies by:

  • Bringing family planning expertise to Federally Qualified Health Centers to improve the quality of contraceptive care in primary care settings. 
  • Reviewing behavioral, epidemiologic, and public health-related research protocols through its federally approved Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Designing and conducting a variety of program evaluations to help health and human services projects measure whether they are reaching their stated goals.
  • Offering a range of additional services to nonprofits and government agencies, including independent monitoring, audit services, and technical assistance, as needed.