HIV/AIDS/STDs Prevention & Care

We develop evidence-based interventions to help prevent HIV transmission, collaborate on HIV & STD prevention efforts, and support networks of care for people living with HIV & AIDS.

Developing Interventions that Help to Prevent HIV Transmission

Evidence-based public health interventions can help to reduce rates of HIV infection. We are committed to developing and testing the efficacy of interventions that model safer sex behavior and help reduce HIV transmission. Public Health Solutions’ work in this area includes:

  • HIV Is Still A Big Deal This dramatic web series follows the life of a fictional young gay man in Manhattan. It was created to inspire gay men to have safer sex and get tested for HIV, and has been shown to increase the use of safer sex practices.
  • Sex Positive[+] – This six-episode dramatic video series follows the story of Guy, an openly gay man living with HIV in Brooklyn, NY, and is designed to reduce the risk of HIV transmission for gay and bisexual men living with HIV. Episodes focus on issues including disclosing HIV status, using antiretroviral therapy, and reducing sexual risk.
  • PrEP, is it for Me? – This educational campaign will raise awareness of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for gay men at risk for HIV by using videos and outreach materials to share information about PrEP and address concerns about side effects and community. 

Collaborating on HIV & STD Prevention Research & Outreach Efforts

Collaboration and partnership are powerful tools in the effort to prevent HIV & STD transmission. We are committed to supporting the HIV & STD prevention efforts of community-based organizations, public health initiatives, and medical professionals. Public Health Solutions has strengthened HIV & AIDS prevention efforts by:

  • Partnering with public health researchers across the country to test the effectiveness of a text messaging intervention in preventing HIV transmission and encouraging safer sex among gay men.
  • Collaborating on a number of HIV/AIDS and STD studies, including Evaluation of Rapid HIV Self-Testing among MSM in High Prevalence Cities (eSTAMP) and Community Health Advisory & Information Network (CHAIN), an ongoing study of people living with HIV in New York City. 
  • Managing HIV prevention funds from legislative acts of Congress and the New York City Council to ensure that community-based organizations are using their resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

People living with HIV & AIDS (PLWHA) have unique health, economic, and quality of life concerns. We are committed to supporting networks of care that work with PLWHA to address their health, housing, employment, and other needs. Public Health Solutions oversees networks of care for New Yorkers living with HIV & AIDS through our work:

  • Allocating and managing the use of over $100 million in HIV/AIDS care funding to 90 hospitals, clinics, and community-based organizations for direct services to people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Managing each contract through reporting, site visits, and ongoing monitoring to ensure that HIV/AIDS funds are spent effectively and services reach clients in need.